Sunday, 1 March 2015

I'd like to order the vegan option please......

Sunday 1st March

A phrase I've already started to use, and am probably going to be uttering a lot more over the coming two weeks / month (not fully decided on the timescale yet) of this vegan challenge.

Despite this blog being called #40before40 and the fact that I turned 40 just over five weeks ago, I am carrying on with some of the tasks I didn't get round to before the big day.

I am being joined on this challenge by Mrs P, who has done a lot more research than me and sorted out a meal plan for the next fortnight.

It's great to have her support and she is going to be contributing to this blog along the way.
How she will cope with at least two weeks off the cheese will be an interesting social experiment......

I had a bit of a meat and dairy blowout yesterday on the last day before becoming a temporary (probably) vegan: American pancakes with scrambled egg for breakfast; flat white; leftover Chinese for lunch with pork, beef and chicken; and chicken fajitas for tea.

Mmm American pancakes with scrambled eggs and honey
Flat white with real milk
Chicken fajitas.....

What am I going to miss the most?

Well, I eat a lot of eggs and cheese.

As part of my bid to tone up (see last blog entry), I attempt (and often fail) to have a diet that is more protein than carbs. As a result of this, we get through a lot of eggs each week.

I also like to snack on cheese during the day and night.

I've probably being eating more meat since I altered my diet about a year ago, but in the 10 years Mrs P and I have been together we've never really had a weekly menu that is heavy on animals.

We've generally balanced it out with fish and veggie food.

How's the first day been?

It's been pretty good, although I have had bouts of hunger.

I went out for an earlyish run and then attempted to recreate my normal protein breakfast, but instead of omelette I opted for avocado and sunflower seeds, with a bit more mushroom than normal.

At least Nando's garlic peri-peri sauce is vegan-friendly....

Attempting a 'normal' breakfast sans eggs

I probably should have gone for porridge, but as we were having wholemeal pasta with homemade (vegan) pesto for lunch and wild mushroom risotto for dinner, I didn't want to have too many carbs.

But I found myself getting really hungry after lunch and started to snack on fruit (apple with cashew butter, as well tidying up one of Bryher's half-eaten bananas).

I've really enjoyed eating less carbs over the last 12 months and do feel better for it.
I've also cut out a lot of fruit, as prior to my personal training sessions I could eat around five pieces a day, every day, which is a lot of sugar.

Biggest obstacles

Not going overboard again on carbs and fruit
Not eating the girls' leftover ice-cream
Not tucking into some cheese and cream crackers with butter (right now)

At least the vegan-friendly snacks seem okay

Here comes the non-science part

I weighed myself this morning and was 13st 1lb.
Generally feel okay, but getting over a bit of sickness / manflu from Thursday and Friday

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