Monday, 2 March 2015

Going vegan: Day 2

Today has been a struggle. 

When you considered I'm only 48 hours into this challenge, then it is a slight concern. 

I've felt hungry most of the day and feel like I really missed my eggs for breakfast. 

Porridge with linseeds, sunflowers seeds, pumpkins seeds, maple syrup and oat milk. 

Before the more protein diet, this is pretty much what I had everyday for breakfast for about eight or nine years (swap maple syrup for honey and oat milk for soya milk). 

Even on honeymoon in America when Mrs P would be tucking into quesadillas, I'd be having oatmeal. 

I always got hungry fairly quickly after eating porridge, which seems to go against what people say, but since starting the day with omelette I can last longer before needing to snack.  

Well, by 9am this morning I was starving, although I managed to keep going until 10.30am on water and green tea. 

Snacks during the day at work are the same as before. Morning: peanuts and then celery with peanut butter. Afternoon: oatcakes with peanut butter. 

A Rick Stein-inspired stew with chickpeas, potatoes and tomatoes. Normally we have this with salted cod, but we replaced the fish with tofu. We also added spinach. 

It was lovely and tasted great, but again I was pretty hungry soon after. 

Despite snacks and copious amounts of green tea, I had to make an emergency dash to local veggie shop, Archie Brown's, to pick up some vegan chocolate. 

And while the 'chocolate' did the trick in giving me an energy boost, it did have a negative impact on my wallet: £5.68 for two small bars. 

There does seem to be a common theme with the cost of vegan-friendly food. We'd been recommended chia seeds, but at £11.99 for a not very big bag, I gave that a miss. 

Here comes the non-science part

Really struggled today with being hungry. It affected my concentration at work, which was not ideal as I had a lot to catch up on. Still not 100% recovered from the bout of manflu. 

I really want to eat eggs in the morning!

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