Monday, 3 March 2014

Take part in a Tough Guy / Tough Mudder event

Number 8 on my 40 before 40 list is to 'Take part in a Tough Guy / Tough Mudder event'.

It was during a catch up meeting with one of our clients, the charity CHICKS (Country Holidays for Inner City Kids), that I noticed the Rock Solid obstacle race in Exeter on the charity's new event planner.

I had thought I would have a few months, to get in some training and prepare mentally for the event. 

Instead, I decided there and then to sign up and make sure I have no excuses for not doing an event like this over the next 12 months. 

So rather than a few months, I've now got just 13 days before I head to Escot Park just outside Exeter to tackle 10km of mud, barbed wire, mud, hay bale mountains, mud, fire, mud and running around with a sand bag. 

The running bit is fine, but I feel slightly nervous about the obstacles (my personal trainer has recommended that I head to my nearest DIY shop, buy a sandbag and walk / run with it for a few days to help with training!). 

It's good to know that there will be other CHICKS' runners on the day, so I'll look out for the yellow vests so we can support each other on the way round. 

Here's a video of the event, as well as some pics of my CHICKS' running best and some shots from today's off-road run.

Rock Solid obstacle race film

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