Tuesday, 4 February 2014

40 before 40 - The List

In no particular order, here is the list.

There are 21 things on there so far, so suggestions for the other 19 are welcome.

  1. Sort finances so we can have a road trip to the USA (east coast) in 2016, as well as buy a bigger home
  2. Tone up*
  3. Complete second leg of the Classic Quarter quicker that 2013
  4. Run 850 miles in 2014
  5. Define my role within MPAD
  6. MPAD to grow by 10% in 2013/14
  7. MPAD to grow by 20% in 2014/15 (the financial year will end after I hit 40, but most of the work will be in place)
  8. Take part in a Tough Guy / Tough Mudder event
  9. Clear garage
  10. Sell old toys on eBay
  11. MPAD to achieve ISO14001
  12. To win more national contracts
  13. Take Liv to watch her first West Brom game (preferably at the Hawthorns)
  14. Have a coffee (it's been over 10 years since I drank my last cup)
  15. Try a new sport (I'm thinking squash)
  16. Christmas Day swim
  17. Brew my own beer
  18. Go vegan (for a period of time - week or month perhaps)
  19. Back, sack and crack wax (suggestion courtesy of Kelly Rowe!)
  20. Learn to play Liv's ukulele properly
  21. Grow a beard
  22. Drive a tank
  23. Swim around the Cribbar in Newquay (via Richard Wadman)
  24. Sign up for a Donor Card
  25. Give blood
  26. To score a goal in a competitive football match
  27. Be teetotal for a month (depending on how hectic life and work is)
  28. List and document the things I've achieved while in my 30s
  29. Write a short story (and get it published, if that is possible in the timescale left)
  30. Use email less at work and other means of communication more e.g. phone calls.
  31. Have a great big party to celebrate being 40
  32. Take part in a fell run in Yorkshire
  33. Watch The Wire
* Pink = work in progress and not a finished task.

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