Saturday, 12 April 2014

Rebuilding momentum

So, I'm only three months into the #40before40 challenge, but I feel like I need to start building the momentum again in order to a) get 40 things on my list, and b) start to do them.

I'm a bit of a lists persons and like to tick things off. I often let myself be ruled by my to do list at work and sometimes it's more of a case of crossing things off rather than actually focusing on one task at a time and enjoying it.

Rock Solid was a brilliant experience, but I feel like I ran out of energy after it, so perhaps having a little break has been good.

I also feel like I need to build momentum in the #40before40 blogging. I tend to have more time in the evenings when the girls have gone to bed, but after a day of work or Daddy Day Care, it's easy to put it off.

There's also been the distraction of some good TV lately, like True Detective, that has kept me otherwise engaged.

There had also been a couple of things that seemed like they might not happen, which have played a part in the lack of momentum.

Firstly, it seemed like I'd be unable to do the Classic Quarter again, and hopefully beat last year's time.

For those that don't know The Classic Quarter is a 44 mile ultra marathon that goes along the coast path from Lizard Point to Land's End.

You can either do it on your own, as a pair, or in a team of four. Last year I ran in a team of four and tackled the second leg - just over 13 miles - from Gunwalloe Church Cove to Perranuthanoe.

It took me around 2 hours 30 minutes to complete the route that had lots of steep climbs, two beach sections and lots of mud after pre-race torrential rain and lightening.

My plans to beat last year's time for the leg seemed to have come to an end after our team leader, Richard Wadman (who took on the whole race in 2013), went to register and found the race was full.

Gutted was not the word.

The second thing to make a dent was down to some good fortune for one of clients - the Driftwood Spars in St Agnes.

I'd meet the Driftwood's head brewer, Pete Martin, a few weeks ago and started to plan out a brew day.

We're currently refreshing MPAD's brand and having a party at the Driftwood on 8th May to unveil the new look.

As part of this event, as well as a #40before40 challenge, I was going to brew our own special beer.

Initial dates were set and I was about to undertake some serious research to work out what I wanted to create.

In the meantime the Driftwood had been successful in a plan to expand their brewery. In order to do the work they've had to temporarily close the brewery, right in the window of opportunity for creating the MPAD beer.

So it seemed like no run and no beer.

But just when I thought I might have to cross these two activities off my list without completing them, things picked up.

I received an email from Classic Quarter organisers, Endurance Life, to say that extra spaces had been made available on the Classic Quarter and Richard had booked us on.

Then a couple of days later Pete emailed to say that he'd arranged for us to set up a temporary home at Granite Rock Brewery in Penryn.

I went from gutted to excited, and feel like I'm getting some momentum back in the challenge.

Now, what do I do first - beer or running training?.......

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